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Retreats and Quiet Days


Retreats are a spiritual practice of withdrawal from our usual life into a place and time of silence,
within a small group who share the experience together. There is a trained Retreat Director leading the time. 


In Anglican tradition (in Australia) it is common to take a 5-day retreat, but weekends are also common… and they can also be longer. On the Retreat there is lots of time for solitude and silence, and there is an encouragement to sit with small portions of Holy Scripture. There are also addresses (from the Director) and shared prayer and worship. 


  • 5-day retreats

  • Weekend retreats

  • Longer retreats

  • Led by a trained Retreat Director

Quiet Days

Quiet Days follow a similar model but in the space of a one-day program.


  • One-day program


Various churches and spirituality centres offer Retreats and Quiet Days, some of which are open to all participants.


If you would like to explore the possibility of taking a retreat or attending a Quiet Day,
please email our Cathedral Associate Priest:

Fr Grant Bullen

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