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Exploring faith

Being a Christian can be very challenging at times. We believe God has implanted in each of us a desire to know him, to have a close, loving relationship with him, through which we can reach a fuller understanding of ourselves. It is not, however, always easy to grasp what this means, and how love for God might motivate us in our daily living. We trust God’s Word, in which the good news of the gospel is revealed, but there are parts of the Bible that are difficult to make sense of, and some that seem utterly obscure. How should live in this world without being overcome by the world?

These, and many other issues, have been exercising the minds of Christians since time immemorial, and continue to do so today. We all have something new to learn in our journey of faith, and we in the church, the Body of Christ, are called to encourage and support one another in that journey. Providing a forum for learning, encouragement, and support is the aim of a range of activities with the general title, “Exploring Faith”. The aim is to make available to all participants both the material on which the faith is built, and a relaxed and supportive forum within which to explore faith in our personal lives.

Join us:

All welcome. We currently offer the following studies:

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