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These sessions aspire to connect our Cathedral with the community through various modes.


  • Experts and novices from different fields share their ideas, innovations and expertise on different topics in a safe, open and supportive environment

  • Objective is to enable our community and congregation have informed conversations that stimulate and cultivate connects between faith, work and day to day activities

  • Approximately 60 minutes duration

  • Encourages and nurtures friendship circles and networks

Refreshments and conversation 

Audience encouraged to continue conversation over a cup of tea or coffee.

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Title — sub title


Name Surname



Summary of subject of talk.

Join us:

Synod Hall
Cathedral Church of Christ the King
49 Lydiard Street South
Ballarat, Victoria


00 June 2024

5:00 to 6:00pm

All welcome.

There will be time for discussion and questions.

Tea and coffee served afterwards.


For more information please email:

Name Surname –

Previous conversations

19 May 2024

Peter Allen.png

Donated Clothes - Help or Hinder!

How can we do better at recycling clothes? How can we avoid having the clothes we donate causing pollution of water ways in other countries.


Peter Allan

Director of Sustainable Resource Use

on Recycling & Environmental Sustainability 

Peter is an Australian recycling expert will be talking about clothing, fashion and recycling clothes.

21 April 2024


Better healthcare


Robyn Wilson

Healthcare executive

on better healthcare in regional areas. 

Robyn is an advocate for increasing pathways to better healthcare, housing, and skills development in regional areas

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